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Concrete Firebowl

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Custom-made firebowls that bring light, warmth, and ambiance to your life.

Small firebowl is 16cm diameter, 9.5cm height including the base, with a burn time of 25 mins per fill (120ml fuel)

Large firebowl is 22.5cm diameter, 14cm height including the base, with a burn time of 45 mins per fill (450ml fuel)

With a kast firebowl, you can gather round the fire, wherever you are. Our custom-made, portable firebowls add a cozy ambiance and a touch of class to every occasion. Set the mood for a romantic evening under the stars, meditate over a gently flickering flame, make an al fresco meal unforgettable or break out the marshmallows on your camping trip.

Where there’s light and warmth, the good times follow.

250ml fuel included.

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